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What is IQ TV CLUB?

IQ TV CLUB is the intellectual quiz for viewers of the "CHE" TV channel. Participants have a chance to win cash prizes and even hit the jackpot! Any viewer who has attained the age of 18, can participate. The quiz is absolutely free to play!

Интеллектуальная викторина IQ ТВ Клуб Интеллектуальная викторина IQ ТВ Клуб

How to participate?

To participate you are to install the "IQ TV Club" mobile application and watch advertising units on the "CHE" TV channels. When the TV channel logo is changed to the quiz symbol, click the "catch" button in the mobile application. You will be able to participate after you catch 5 or more symbols. You can play on the “CHE” TV channel. Win by playing games with your favorite channel!

Скачать интеллектуальную игру Скачать интеллектуальную игру

How to win the prize?

You will be prompted to answer a few questions for a limited time. You are to choose from four or six answers, or will be asked to give a precise answer by entering the number of digits. Those who correctly answer all the questions in time, win the prize.

Викторина онлайн играть Викторина онлайн играть

How to hit the jackpot?

You have won? Congratulations! The prize is yours and it does not burn. And now you can participate the supergame! Today, the jackpot prize totals 100,000 rubles. But remember that the supergame has much more difficult quiz questions, and each question has to be answered by giving the exact numerical answer and you can use your chance till 23:59 Moscow time.

Денежный приз Денежный приз



The Quiz on the "CHE" TV channel is held for viewers living in the regions of Moscow time zone, as well as in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region from 19.00 till 23.59 (Moscow time).

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